Agreement Reviewed

The answer is that you should not sign an employment contract until he has verified it by a lawyer. Otherwise, significant rights may be withdrawn. In an academic year, Samford`s faculty, administrator and student organizations generate hundreds and probably thousands of contracts. The success of the negotiation, preparation and signing of these treaties requires the careful commitment of many members of the Samford community. The university`s interests are best served when staff and faculties are aware of contract approval and enforcement policies. These guidelines appear in the Policy Handbook as Policy Nos 4.22, 4.22.1 and 4.22.2 (together “policies”). This article contains instructions for following the guidelines. The guidelines apply to all members of the university community and to any agreements or documents that require Samford or any of its units. An agreement does not commit the university or its units, unless it is signed by someone with the appropriate authority. Except in an emergency, oral agreements are not allowed and are not recognized or respected by the university.

Contracts signed by senior managers or other agents without proper adjudicator power may be considered non-e.g. In such circumstances, individuals may be personally responsible for such agreements and damages suffered by the university. It is in everyone`s interest to have contracts signed only by accredited officials. If you have never had a lawyer reviewing contracts and legal documents related to your business, we strongly recommend that you conduct a legal review. The main purpose of legal review is to assess the legal risk of your business. The most important way to do this assessment is by checking all contracts and agreements that your company has entered into. The results of the audit can show that your business is based on a solid legal basis. Or it can show much greater exposure to legal and financial risk than you`d previously imagined. In academic schools, the contract administrator will be the division head or the competent dean. Technology contracts must be audited and approved by the IOC, contracts for the purchase or lease of equipment must be verified and approved by the Director of Business Services, and employment contracts must be verified and approved by the Director of Human Resources, with the exception of full-time faculty employment contracts that are monitored and approved by propst. The contract manager is often the person whose department or school budget is influenced by the contract.

If the author of the contract is a dean, the dean should sign the contract transfer form as contractor and administrator of the contract, and then forward the package for legal verification. The contract manager should review the contract, confirm that it is necessary and appropriate, and address all other contract issues related to the budget, staff and priorities of the department or school. The contract administrator will then agree to the contract and forward it to the General Counsel.