Air Cargo Transport Agreement

o) Kingdom of the Netherlands: Air Services Agreement signed in Washington on 3 April 1957; Protocol amending the 1957 agreement, concluded on March 31, 1978; Changes to the 1978 protocol of June 11, 1986; amendments to the 1957 agreement of October 13 and December 22, 1987; amendments to the 1957 agreement of January 29 and March 13, 1992; Amendments to the 1957 Agreement and the 1978 Protocol of 14 The representatives of the United States of America and the European Community and their Member States confirmed that the authenticity of the agreement on air services in other languages, signed in Brussels on 2 March 2007 and to be signed on 30 April 2007, is confirmed either in the form of a letter exchange , either by decision of the joint committee after the signing of the agreement. (d) Czech Republic: Air Services Agreement signed in Prague on 10 September 1996; Amended by June 4, 2001 and February 14, 2002. Entry by the person authorized to deliver the cargo without claim is prima facie proof that the cargo was delivered in good condition and in accordance with the transport contract. An air services agreement (also known as the ATA or ASA) is a bilateral agreement that allows international commercial air services between signatories. It is a document attesting to the international air services agreement in which all recorded information must be complete and valid; it is faced with the following requirements: ASSoI, to ensure that all sectors of the aviation sector, including airline workers, can benefit from a liberalised agreement; (10) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this agreement, air carriers and indirect freight service providers of the contracting parties are permitted, in the context of international air traffic, to use unrestricted land transport to or from any point on the territory of contracting parties or from third countries, including, where appropriate, , transport to and from all airports with customs offices and, where appropriate, the right to transport cargo in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. under customs control. Goods transported by land or air have access to customs clearance and airport premises. Airlines may choose to carry out their own transportation by land or by land through agreements with other airlines, including ground transportation services provided by other airlines and indirect air cargo carriers. These mixed freight services may be offered at a single common price, which covers both air and land charges, unless shippers are misled by actual transportation. Under the air transport contract, the airline has a duty in principle to receive goods and transport them by air to an agreed location and on the agreed date, in addition, in order to deliver the goods to the recipient in the state in which they were received.

The aerial letter consists of a series of standard shapes of green, pink, blue, yellow and numbered shapes with the same content. Pages 1, 3 and 4 are considered original and the back of each clause of the contract is indicated, which is distributed as follows to other air transport operators: international air transport is an agreement between the shipper or owner of the goods and a carrier whose last is mandatory and must send the goods to a destination shipper. The airline can be an international airline or carrier. (f) Republic of Finland: Air Services Agreement signed in Helsinki in 1949.