Beef Sector Agreement

Analysis of the impact of discounted prices on the beef quality payment system December 2019 – Teagasc At today`s meeting, Bord Bia presented the current market situation and informed the European Commission of the status status of the application for status for Irish grass, which was fed with beef. The Beef Task Force was created by Agriculture, Food and Navy Minister Michael Creed TD on the basis of the September 15, 2019 agreement. The other parties to the dispute were Meat Industry Ireland, the representative organization of the beef producer; Irish Farmers` Association (IFA); Irish Creamery and Milk Suppliers` Association (ICMSA); Macra na Feirme; Beef Plan Movement and the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers` Association. He said the task force should immediately provide a fair base price for beef families and look into the fact that the meat industry had not complied with the Irish agreement on the beef sector of 15 September. Under the title “Dispute Settlement,” it states that “all parties have entered into this agreement in good faith and that all outstanding issues between farmers and processors must be resolved.” Healy stated that beef prices cannot remain at the current level of economic losses and need to be increased. “I presented seven key actions essential to the future of the Irish beef industry and the ultimate success of the task force. We must gradually work together to achieve these goals and to ensure the future and livelihoods of the more than 75,000 farmers and families who depend on the success of this task force. Failure is not an option.┬áThe parties to this agreement, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, are: Meat Industry Ireland (MII); Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers` Association (ICSA); Macra na Feirme; Independent farmers` associations in Ireland; Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers` Association (ICMSA); The movement of the beef plan; Irish Natura Hill Farmers` Association (INHFA); and the Irish Farmers` Association (IFA). RELATED STORIES Agricultural bodies are considering proposals as discussions on beef continue, as Minister Creed said: “The task force is already on track and considerable progress has been made in implementing the commitments made under the beef agreement. I am pleased that Irish retailers are looking constructively at the work of the task force, as it is essential that mutually beneficial relationships are maintained and developed throughout the supply chain to ensure the future of Irish beef. Prior to the implementation of a new EU-wide price communication regulation, the agreement provides that the division will provide additional detailed reports on prices for the Beef Price Watch app. The group called for an immediate and substantial increase in the price of beef products.

“Significant progress has been made in meeting the commitments made under the beef agreement. Work on the measures to be implemented under the beef sector agreement is underway throughout the pandemic and I am pleased that cooperation among stakeholders can continue to progress despite the current restrictions on physical meetings. The department and Bord Bia are “actively” working with the European Commission to develop a protected geographical indication for Irish beef. The agreement is expected to be read in conjunction with Backweston`s findings and the next document on August 21. The task force would provide a “strong implementation structure” for commitments made in this agreement, with timelines and stakeholder commitments.