Eaa Aircraft Purchase Agreement

If you said yes to all the questions, you made good faith efforts to make the aircraft as safe as possible. If you have not yet flown the aircraft, you should sell it as an “unfinished project” that places the onus on the buyer to review and receive the airworthiness certificate. Consult your lawyer about this tactic and how to formulate it. Then jump into the second quadrant and write “Keeping Pluses.” Go through the same sequence as with the first two. What are the reasons for keeping your current plane? Finally, write “Keep the minuses” in the fourth quadrant of your page, and do the same process. What do you dislike if you keep your plane? A pre-buy is not a formal status check or an annual inspection. It is not recorded anywhere in the logbooks. Since a pre-purchase is an informed opinion, it may be preferable to call it “assessment” since “pre-purchase inspections” are not covered by FAA inspection rules. Your buyer may not know what to pay attention to, so you might want to create your own checklist of the A-P. Most DRAs know what to watch out for and have a proposed checklist.

Answer your questions and see if they are serious. The questions they ask will tell you if they have done any research before they speak to you. You should have a good idea of the operating specifications of your home and maybe even know everything in the manufacturer`s literature (and should). If they seem ignorant, be careful. When I sold my house, I got a call from a young man who was very excited on the phone but didn`t know much about a pulsar. What was “Composite,” how many passengers he would be seated, he had retractable equipment, and so on. Despite my concerns, I allowed him to make an appointment to fly on my plane. He appeared on a fast motorcycle with two friends who were following him in a new red Corvette. “We`re going to buy the plane as a group,” he says, jumping off the bike. As a buyer, I accept the terms of this sales invoice for the experimental amateur aircraft described above and I agree to be bound to the above contract.

There are others. What is written in a sales contract is specific to the transaction, the needs of the parties and the price and terms negotiated.