Netting Agreement In Oracle Apps R12

The preference for compensation is also payment. (90% of the time I need to pay the pages after clearing) 1) Created a bank of mannequins, branch and acocunt and marked it as a clearing account. Note that the payment receipt from the bank clearing account is not required. Hello, I have the same problem, I would like to install AP/AR compensation. but anyone can tell me how to tell this provider`s system is to make this customer netting. I created the same partner in AP and AR separately. LookAhmed In R12, The same feature was extended by Ap-AR Netting. The tax registration number is the reference you can follow between AR and AP. For compensation agreements, etc., you can try using the compensation preview report (there is a preview report before the actual compensation can be initiated).) Hello can anyone have a light on intercompany compensation? While I have entered into the clearing agreement, I cannot see the bank account in the LOV. Yes, it is available in 11i as a “supplier customer compensation report,” but is not enabled in R12, so you need to find it and activate it via the system administrator.

See note[811395.1] on Oracle my support for more help.smishra HI, this is very useful article thanks for sharing is exactly me searched. One of my projects that works business wants to use this feature please help me set up for AP/AR Netting.I in creating a compensation agreement. When creating a netting agreement, it is not able to select “transaction type” But we have defined as many types of transaction in AR. Has anyone been confronted with this problem earlier? I miss every step or configuration. All inputs in this regard would be very appreciated! Thank you, Muchi In R12, to start the compensation process, I have to set a compensation agreement. The problem is that I need to know if a customer is a supplier. It seems that there is no report (or problem bypass or other..) that help users identify costomer/supplier that can be activated in a neeting contract. 10. Ask for your compensation lot and see the “Closed” status. also click on the report icon on the right. Click the print run button, you can see the final compensation report.

12.Now go to the supporting documents and ask for the AP/AR compensation receipt. Hello,The Oracle AP/AR Netting is a function that provides a basis for creating clearing agreements and executing an automated clearing process so that customers can reduce their debt obligations without creating bank fees by creating unnecessary payments and revenue. For example, with AP/AR Netting, you can`t process them and your suppliers/customers, but also negotiate invoices and payments for the supplier/customer, paying the net difference between the supplier`s debt service and the amount the supplier owes you. After entering into a clearing agreement with such trading partners, you establish the agreement and the associated rules. The steps of implementation are listed as follows: Netting Bank Account Receivables System Options Netting Bat Approver Chargeable Subcontracting Netting Agreement First a compensation payment from a dummy money account and not from the real money account.