Peguis Tle Agreement

First Nations have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the Framework Agreement to create an active, more exciting and prosperous future for communities. With respect to First Nations who govern countries beyond Indian law, and in particular First Nations with land codes in the framework agreement and First Nations who govern themselves, the policy must reflect the relationship between government and government and the fact that the relationship is different from that of a First Nation whose country is managed in accordance with Indian law. Mr. McKay: The least we paid was $300 per hectare. The framework agreement established that we buy land everywhere from $195 to $215 per hectare; But the least we have paid so far is $300 per hectare. I think the highest thing we paid was about $536 per hectare. The Peguis First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement Trust was created as part of an agreement signed on May 12, 2008 with Canada and the Province of Manitoba. The beneficiaries of the trust are the First Nation and its members. The trust is made up of two groups of agents: the financial administrators and administrators of the Community Fund, the administrative staff and an enforcement office. We need that connection.

We need that communication. Our state settlement agency committee in our office can do that; one of the three parties that signed this agreement. From this agreement, we have the first nations` entitlement, the INSINUAT. We help and offer a technical service, but the obligation to fund our office expires next year. Who will help First Nations with authorization when it expires; the resource that our office has gained with the knowledge of land conversion. How does Va Peguis? Peguis will be here in 20 or 50 years and say, “Where is my UK? How will I renovate my property? When I have met the last 10 years — which I have — it is very complicated. In our traditional field, there is industry. The industry is ready and ready to enter into a partnership agreement with our First Nation.