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I analyzed all of Trump’s tweets to find out what he was really saying > READ MORE

In 2017, I began to collect all of his tweets, going back to June 16, 2015, the day he announced his candidacy. I kept at it until Jan. 8, 2021, the day Twitter permanently suspended his account. I wanted to learn more about how he used language. But in those 20,301 tweets I learned something more fundamental about how the 45th president of the United States used Twitter to tell his own story.

What We Can Learn From Students Rebuilding Universities In Minecraft > READ MORE

For these students, something profound has been lost in our fight against this virus. Something that for the millions of college graduates can never fully be regained, as University of Chicago senior Jay Gibbs told Anderson: “I’m not going to really see campus alive again.” Minecraft offers a chance to simulate what could have been.

SCREEN TIME: Emotions and our digital lives > READ MORE

Embracing grief might be what we need in our social media, and in our society as a whole, to separate the heat from the light in our discourse. Yes, of course, grief can be performed and manipulated like any other emotion. But genuine grief carries something that is hard to miss online – humility.