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What happens to your life stories if you delete your Facebook account? > READ

If the latest deluge of Facebook controversies has you ready to kick the app to the digital curb, you are not alone. There are plenty of good guides out there on how to do it right. Even Facebook makes it pretty easy to understand the nuances of saying “see ya later” (deactivating) or “never speak to me again” (deleting).

But before you go, you might want to consider this: What happens to your life stories?

The Meaningful And Mysterious Mental Health Effects Of Life Storytelling > READ

When I tell people my PhD research is in life storytelling, one word can summarize a common reaction: “Nice.” As in, I’ll remind the grandparents to do that.

If meditation and reading fiction are the yoga and ultra marathons of mental development, life storytelling is the daily walk. A nice thing to do, but not exactly exercise the way you mean it. (Yes, I take long daily walks. Ugh.)