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Meet The Woman Who Helped Spark The Adventure Elopement Trend > READ

Maddie Mae is a 28-year-old pioneer. Among the first, and the most successful, to turn her wedding photography businesses into a strictly adventure elopement company, a vision she began crafting in a honors thesis for the College of Business at Colorado State University.

Adobe’s Path To Entering The Virtual Reality Story > READ

Until recently, the pioneers of Virtual Reality storytelling, especially live action, were using the digital equivalent of baling wire and duct tape to tell their stories. For the Adobe Video Team, it was hearing multiple times that video creators were using Premiere to edit VR that sprung them into action. Turns out it was not the easiest sell.

Why You Probably Could Not Be A YouTube Star > READ

The best YouTubers have not only gained some mastery over those cues and have learned how to navigate their “real selves” into a YouTube self, but also have mastered the art of being admired in a very particular way. Not exactly like a Hollywood star, more like an older sibling or mentor, but with an added element of digital control for the receiver. You enter their lives in the ways they want you there.