Salaried Medical Practitioners Agreement 2017

The doctor has the meaning indicated in section 4.2. (a) Subject to clauses X.2.1(b), c) and (d), any worker is entitled to leave without pay of up to 2 weeks if the worker is asked to self-isolate by governments or medical authorities or on the advice of a physician and is therefore prevented from working or otherwise prevented from working by measures taken by the government or medical authorities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 7.1 A facilitation provision provides that the standard approach of an allocation provision may be derogated from by an agreement between an employer and a single employee or employer and the majority of the workers in the undertaking or part of the undertaking concerned. Meal allowances – work of more than 10 uninterrupted hours means, for all purposes, that the payment is included in the salary of a worker who is entitled to remuneration, in the calculation of penalties, expenses, payments during annual leave and superannuation. 1.3 Any modification of this award shall not affect any rights, privileges, obligations or commitments acquired, accrued or acquired by a person in connection with the arbitral award as it existed prior to such modification. The passage to the nearest pay point for all classifications for which there is more than one salary point will be as follows: an employee who, according to Aboriginal tradition or Torres Strait Islander, is rightly absent from work for ceremonial purposes, is entitled to unpaid leave of up to 10 working days in one year. with the agreement of the employer. (a) For each hour of ordinary work, a casual worker shall be paid: the standard hourly rate is the hourly rate for the classification of the worker, in accordance with clause 16.1, plus all allowances that are included in the worker`s standard hourly rate or payable for any purpose. . A worker receives the following penalties for all normal hours worked by the worker during the following periods:. .