Service Level Agreement For Website Hosting

AlS must, in its most basic way, indicate the type of service provided at the same time as all the additional details. It should include specifications such as what the service contains, what it does not offer, how long it will be available, the price and so on. It also makes clear the responsibilities of each party. It also covers maintenance domains such as network connectivity, dynamic host configuration, domain name servers, etc. The ALS should mention the frequency of the website`s data backups and the speed with which data can be retrieved. It is important that you understand your ALS and understand exactly what it means. Many suppliers offer their customers an ALS as collateral, a way to give them a better feel during the purchase decision – that is, a marketing tool. However, it is usually not as simple as “if your site breaks down, we will return your money.” Typical hosting SLAs compensate the customer for an amount corresponding to the value of the time that his service did not provide (defect). For example, you may see that downtime quickly exceeds what is appropriate for your business long before ALS offers you real financial satisfaction. I often advise my clients that ALS is definitely something you want to explore and understand, if you are hosting real infrastructure, if not for small infrastructure or common plans, it will simply not matter from a business point of view.

Some SLAs offer different reaction and repair times in terms of severity. This level determines how critical the problem is and whether it needs immediate attention. All deadlines and degrees of gravity are set in diagrams for simple legibility. Read this section carefully to see if you agree with the definitions and their respective schedules. To support the services described in this Contract, ClientFirst responds to incidents and/or customer service requests within the following time frames: network availability is defined as the company`s ability to transfer incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic. The unavailability of a server due to network downtime is not included in the server availability. Service interruptions due to problems on the backbone or in the customer`s network part are outside the company`s control and are not included in operating time calculations. Service interruptions caused by denial-of-service attacks or similar attacks are outside the company`s control and are not included in time calculations.