White Label Payment Gateway Agreement

With the help of white label payment gateway solutions, companies can improve their image and reputation in the eyes of their customers. It includes not only customers, but also cardholders and merchants. Recently, many gateway technology providers such as UniPay Gateway have added the ability to virtualize payment gateways. Instead of physically installing separate independent gateway instances on dedicated servers, you are assigned specific nodes within a cluster (iso). A virtual gateway type is created within a cluster (just as virtual machines (VM ware) are created on physical servers). It allows you to add the settings and features you need. At the same time, the virtual gateway is still part of a larger cluster, including additional hardware nodes. Essentially, you can select a number of dedicated nodes within a cluster. In this article, we will describe the concepts of white label payment gateway and white label payment processing. Nowadays, more and more companies are trying to choose a payment solution or find a replacement for an existing system.

The white label payment gateway represents one of the alternative solutions that many of these companies want to “adopt”, understand and implement. Please contact our white label team for more information. A finished product is licensed. A license for a payment gateway software product is purchased and the code can then be modified to reflect the licensee`s brand image. Since the code is also licensed (the solution is open source), the licensee can add some features to the solution. Depending on the white label payment gateway, companies can put their brand name on the product or service developed by a third party. It offers resellers many opportunities to offer the product or service without having to devote the necessary resources to development from scratch. PayVector has developed a managed platform for processing and managing white label payments. The system is fully white label compatible, which means it can be used in your brand and managed by your own employees. It is suitable for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational financial services companies. Keep in mind that the best white label payment gateways offer killer features like the ability to recruit agents and other companies to resell your renamed gateway. .